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Blog Archives: January 2017 — December 2017

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Two-Factor Authentication

December 05, 2017
Kevin Kaland
Two-factor Authentication (2FA) often seems like magic. However, it is, like most things in the world of security, based on mathematics. This blog post will dive into the specifications and algorithms used by 2FA and tell you more than you will likely ever need to know. The definitive origins of “2FA” as such are not as clear as one might think. However, the original OTP (One-Time Password) scheme for authentication was developed at Bellcore, primarily by Leslie Lamport, the developer of the algorithm. Several other contributors were ...

2FA: Factor Security Into Your Login Page

November 05, 2017
Kevin Kaland
Two-factor authentication (2FA), more correctly described as multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a technique to increase login security on websites. The word “factor” refers to the secondary code-generating device that one uses with this setup. The primary benefit is that it mitigates or prevents the compromise even if an attacker cracks a user’s password. There are two dominant flavors of two-factor authentication in wide use: SMS-based one-time codes: Most sites that support 2FA initially send a code to your mobile phone. (By ...

Evercurrent: A Life Raft for the Ocean of Updates

June 28, 2017
Kevin Kaland
Ever seen the bright red message that Drupal throws at you when there are updates for your site? It has its use, but it also has great limitations. The full list of available updates is a little better… if you are a developer and have time to go site-by-site applying them. But what if you're a project manager or non-technical agency professional trying to schedule or perform maintenance work with clients? Or a developer drowning in update notifications from hobby sites? Enter Evercurrent. Evercurrent helps you understand if and why each ...

Evercurrent is Going to DrupalCon - Booth 438

April 17, 2017
Rob Smith
Come and join Evercurrent as we, along with thousands of other people, take in the greatness that is DrupalCon. Take in one of the 12 session tracks, go check out the oddities at Ripley's Believe It or Not, and then come back and meet us at the open reception. If we don't see you at the reception, don't worry, there are lots of after parties. We aren't just here for the parties though--don't get the wrong idea--because we are ecstatic for DrupalCon this year, and we can't wait to meet the developers and users that help make our product one ...

Welcome to Evercurrent

April 11, 2017
Rob Smith
Thanks for checking out Evercurrent, and welcome to the blog. This is where we will be sharing thoughts, tools, and helpful information for maintaining the security of your sites and devices. Our goal with Evercurrent is to create a safe digital world through properly applied updates. That sounds like a bit much, at first, but consider how many times a hack has been perpetrated that was found out to be a vulnerability due to sites, apps, or databases being out of date. Yahoo, Sony, and Drupalgeddon all come immediately to mind. Let's ...

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